Giants game

however, i didn’t get any cracker jacks..i had ghirardelli sipping chocolate!

which is equally delicious and you must try if you ever go. serious now.

on tuesday evening, we had a wonderful adventure at the sf giants game! our friends, bill and lorraine, shared their incredible seats with us and we had a view of the game that we’re not likely to see every year 🙂 there was also a spash zone homerun that went into mccovey cove!

i absolutely love being in san francisco. i love the city, i love the rolling fog, the skyline, the bustle, the food, coming to spend time with family here. and i love the games!
..the smack of the ball (or a broken bat), garlic fries (you must try these!), the ocean breeze, the seventh-inning stretch and the kiss cam. i also love listening to my husband cut it up with everybody around him..james is such a whiz, it’s like having a professional sports announcer by my side!
annnd because we got to sit sooo close, we were surrounded by mlb scouts…WHAT. we made friends with one of the orioles scouts, he was super nice. the rest were all pretty serious (booring. i suppose it is their job).
the seagulls were a-swarmin! they want some of that garlic fries love deliciousness.
our lovely hosts
now try and tell me i didn’t capture that pitch like an iphone master!
thanks for a wonderful time, bill and lorraine!!

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