bits + pieces as of late

hope you all had a wonderful three-day weekend! 
we have been enjoying the extra time together over here 🙂
this weekend, we tackled some house projects..getting it truly clean, not just using a wipey, and it feels so good! we also had an unexpected breakfast date! james and i realized that the way our life is, we just don’t typically have open time in the mornings. and then, we realized that we’ve really only gone out to eat breakfast together (sans our honeymoon) about three times! shocking, right?! well..we were shocked. our new goal (at least mine): have lots of breakfast together. and based on the waffles i devoured this weekend (thank you, hole in the wall), i’m pretty sure i won’t forget to encourage these dates. still dreaming of that banana walnut waffle heaven!
we also took a wonderful walk down to the beach/state park. we currently live about a two-minute walk away, and you can see the ocean from the entire property we live on! it’s a dream, really. i sometimes take for granted how close we live to the ocean. throughout my entire life, i’ve lived within blocks of the beach (however, in college, it was about a five-minute drive..but it was newport beach, so who’s complainin!?) it was really nice to enjoy a walk together down there. and it’s so beautiful! (see below)
my cookies..they are beginning to gain a following 🙂
i’ll leave you with our weird “g” faces..

One thought on “bits + pieces as of late

  1. ohmygosh, i need those cookies in my life! i definitely am saving that recipe and making them myself! 🙂 just need to get some choc chips…
    and! that waffle looks amazing! and you're such a g.


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