Fifteen plates, five birthdays, one family party

this weekend, we headed up north to redwood city to celebrate
our family’s summer birthdays, there were five of them!
kebabs, quinoa salad, fruit salad, lemon/rosemary/thyme baguette.. mmm.
as if my family was not foodie enough, my cousin jessica began working at bi-rite market
in the city and we had some exceptionally delicious and fresh food!
i loved capturing this moment!
all the boys loved one of the books james received..the history of ballparks.
now if that doesn’t hit the nail on the head—i don’t know what would!
gourmet cheese from bi-rite always a plus!
and james with his awesome hat from cousin penny.

i love celebrating with the fam.

although i know we might not always be

within a car ride’s distance from each other, i love the time we have together.
i particularly love that my fam loves to celebrate my birthday on the thanksgiving holiday! woot!

there’s always a lot of gourmet food, chocolate cake, ice cream, stories, sports,
movies and shanghai (our generations old rummy game)!
now if we could only arrange for our northern and southern california
 (and swiss!) families to be a car ride away—can you say amazing!?
how do you love to celebrate with your famiglia?

2 thoughts on “Fifteen plates, five birthdays, one family party

  1. SO. MANY. CAKES!!! heaven, right there. heaven.

    looks like a fun celebration! my family does the same thing for birthdays that are close to each other: we make it one big party. growing up, there were 4 of us with birthdays in june, so we would celebrate the “june birthdays” every year, and it was the BEST! i love family 🙂


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