Food on the mind

i have a slight addiction to food blogs.

for some reason, those messy food pictures with beautiful food mess all over a plate makes me want to run into my kitchen and make a pretty mess and take pictures of it.
and of course, freely devour said messy food. never really works out the same when i do it.

but i shall continue to try!

so check these food geniuses out or share one you love!
what katie ate
edible perspective
always with butter
sunday suppers
the life of my mouth
things we make
(this last one is my cute friend emilia)

4 thoughts on “Food on the mind

  1. I am in love with messy food blogs! Even though I never really make what they post but the food pictures!!!! omg I love lookign at them!
    I just read your post below this one and I thought it was so sweet!
    I really like your blog and will definitely be back to see some more posts from you!
    I hope you have a great night!
    ps feel free to continue my beauty series with me on my blog, a post everyday until the 24th and a giveaway at the end =)


  2. i know!! i wish i could recreate how amazingly creative people are with it.

    thanks for your sweet words, morgan! have a wonderful day & i'll totally check out the beauty series 🙂


  3. That's SO incredibly sweet of you- thanks for the shout-out, friend! I wish I was still actively running my blog…. soon, soon that will happen! I do miss adding the the foodie community, and really have so much creative, wacky, yet exotic creations to purge :-). Such a fun outlet to share and add to an ever- growing community who speaks the same language! xoxo


  4. oh friend..of course 🙂 let's do it! and don't take that as pressure, i'll love what you make and you no matter what, blogshmog. hope you're having an amazing vacay!! xo


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