Sometimes, sometimes..

 sometimes i feel the need to give james about 10258385 hugs in one day
 sometimes i like to put my feet up and munch a whole bowl of popcorn
 sometimes i dream i’m in my imaginary beach house in bora bora
 sometimes we watch an old musical every night of the week
sometimes people forget i am a 24-year adult face palm!
 sometimes i forget i am a 24-year-old adult…
as i’m blowing bubbles in my iced tea & twirling in my chair  
 sometimes i just want to play with a puppy
 sometimes i need a spontaneous road trip
 sometimes a cupcake is the only answer
and that’s quite alright!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, sometimes..

  1. Sometimes I want to eat an entire bag of goldfish. And other times I just want to go to the beach and walk in the sand. All day long. Most of the time I forget I am a 29 year old adult.


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