James birthday! (part two)

on saturday, we gathered with a few friends to celebrate james on the day of his birthday! we swam, ate cake (a lot of it!), devoured an amazing rigatoni (with buffalo meat sauce) and laughed quite a bit..
stories about james usually involve a lot of laughs!
it was an absolutely beautiful day to boot! one of my favorite parts of the day was we made acronyms of james full name (it’s pretty long people!) and went around and shared (we’re really into acronyms right now for some reason).
here were some of my favorites:
J: joyful, jovial, joy-bringer
A: always laughing, amiable
M: mustache lover, master of sports trivia, married (woot!)
E: exuberant, expressive (he’s italian after all), excited constantly
S: selfless, strong, story-filled, sports enthusiast, super duper
and from me..super hot stuff!
thanks friends for coming to celebrate and making this day so fun!

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