James birthday

my husband is a quarter of a century plus two on saturday!
lovah, you are an honorable,
kind, courageous,
intelligent and hilarious man!
HAPPY 27TH birthday JAMES!
if it could make this text larger..i would!
and now.. some fun things about this handsome man!
1. he was voted best smile in high school
2. he has a lot of pictures of him fake nose-picking.
3. his favorite color is red because of
teenage mutant ninja turtles
which we watched this week (factoid!)
4. he really likes queso
5. sorry, just a random glamour shot (hunky!)
6. he’s a whiz in the kitchen! for this, i rejoice.
7. he looks good painting with a grizzly beard.
8. and he looks good with helmet hair
(there, i said it! he loved his helmet head,
i did not. but he still looks good!)
9. he loves his family with all his heart
(that’s niece kendall!)
10. and jr highers like him so much that they
write mud messages on themselves to him
11. he wears doo-rags.
he also..
12. currently is the golden paddle champion of our church (ping-pong)
13. loves gladiator, russel crowe, tom hardy and leo.
14. could be a sports announcer
james.. i love you to the moon and back and infinity after that!
happy birthday lover!

7 thoughts on “James birthday

  1. I would never imagine you marrying a guy that wears a do rag. Hahahahaha. Also…. I have never seen a guy that looks so sweet wearing sleeved arms. I don't know if I used that term correctly. I am a girl against tatoos. Although my husband claims to want one. But your husband still looks so very nice and sweet. With his sleeves. I try not to sterotype. Your husband helps my cause.


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