Awake my soul {i hope!}

this week i began a cool new project on the side getting to
write and edit for an online publication. excited squeal!
well. so far, the best time to work on it all is in the early morning..
and i’m not always sure what an early morning me will bring! 
anybody relate..?
sometimes it’s..
extreme droopy face
what james refers to as my tired face
sometimes it’s..
super awake & crash at three pm
and sometimes it’s..
sleep through alarm and wake up discombobulated
oh no, this one’s the worst!


this is one of the many reasons why I’m greatly thankful to my incredible husband who is able to wake himself at all hours, and help a wifey out. holla.
and a few tunes for extra assistance..
And I’m also just so thankful for how excited he gets for me.
for celebrating me in whatever i get excited about putting my hand to.
something as little as this early morning venture.
or in the random day-to-day things i get excited about.
i love you with all sorts of love hearts, mr. early riser.

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