Worker bee

since i started my first job after graduating uci, i’ve definitely missed being on a university campus. i’m one of those sick people who loves school, learning, academia, nom nom nom…loooove it.
so when i began an office job, i knew it would be an adjustment.
and there are some things that make my job wonderful.
and i was chomping on some pretzel sticks (after doing the first one below),
i figured that i’d finally have to get a couple of these down.
eating pretzel sticks and pretending they’re pretzel cigarettes. we’re the rat pack.
snack parties– crackers, artisan cheeses, swedish fish, vitamin water, gum, sometimes breakfast.
making up songs. a lot of them. being able to sing this freely and have people join in.
workout breaks with pushups & back-kicks. i’m getting really good at them!
saying guess what, chicken butt a few times a week. and having somebody actually respond.
beach days and using our standup paddle boards!

people giving us free pizza. people giving us maine lobster. free food in general.

being able to laugh with the people around me, in the middle of true hectic-ness.

what are you grateful for about your workplace, wherever that might be? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Worker bee

  1. Oh your work place sounds fantastic. Beach days?!?! Where do you work??

    FYI: I wish you could have come over the hill to visit me. But I took your advice (or your mom's advice) and went to Original Joe's. It was literally next door to my hotel and it was perfect! Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. your work place sound amazing, glad you found somewhere so nice after school!

    I guess the thing I like most about where I work is that the people are really lovely and we all make an effort to spend time together, silly office e-mails are funny and being bought beer on fridays is always a plus point

    Also, I love learning too, I really miss being at university! xx


  3. Yes to beach days!! I work at a place called Surftech; we manufacture surf/standup paddle boards.

    And no problem! I so wish that I could've, too!'s always more fun than exploring on your own. I'm glad you went to Joe's 🙂 I hope it was deelicious! Have a safe trip back to lalaland, or as my husband and I refer to it- the promised land!


  4. Your work sounds amazing as well- those sort of things totally make it so much more fun! And it sounds like we're both just a couple of “life-long learners” 😉


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