Small town confessions

There are a few things that I’ve learned about small town living growing up here in Santa Cruz. Now, you may be thinking that Santa Cruz isn’t, by nature, a very small town. In the nicest way, I would beg to differ. it’s not as small as one of those 300-person towns in the middle of nowhere.
But it is small-ish. Small enough to see somebody you know fairly often pretty much anywhere you go. Sometimes I love the smallness and sometimes I feel otherwise. I thought I’d some evidence for you from our Sunday date.
1. we have fields that look like this. say it with me now: aggg. gri. cul. ture. we have roadside stands and artichoke-capitols, and garlic festivals. and cows, chickens, etc.
2. when a store like target opens, it is huge (huge!) news. we’ve been planning our purchases for weeks. even the liberal hippie crowd who boycotted it for the first half of the year comes out of the commune to shop. this means small town, people.
3. there’s so much traffic for the antique fair in moss landing (it’s only a two-lane highway to monterey, you see) that we have enough time for photoshoots. a generous amount of time! ps. if you’re curious. i’m not going for the sasquatch look, i’m growing out my eyebrows 🙂 i had a run in with some drippy wax and, well let’s just say, i had to grow all the way back!
while this small town makes me crazy half of the time, the other half is absolutely smitten with our little town and friends everywhere, local specials and berry farms, quiet winters and still getting wooed when i go to the city for a show.
those things i do love..
big city, small town, what say you, my friends?

12 thoughts on “Small town confessions

  1. santa cruz got a target! awesome! i grew up in a small town as well, but im about to be moving to a bigggg city soon, i'm trying to mentally prepare! scary!


  2. Ohhhh. I've been dying to go to Santa Cruz!
    I got lost there once while walking down the beach…
    Had to follow the train tracks back tot he boardwalk. Good times…good times.
    There's also that taco place right near the beach, Soooo good. I would LOVE to go back.


  3. I live in a smallish community that is set apart from the city in which it is actually incorporated. Altogether, its a big city, but the broken off part of the community in which I have grown up – and currently plan to remain for the rest of my life – feels so small. We have all the restaurants and shops we need. But when someone says their cousin or so-and-so is from my town, I always ask who it is because… well I feel like I should know him/her. I am small town all the way.


  4. you'll have to tell us when you're out to visit 😉 and yes, we're all a bunch of charmers over here. no but really..the fog, a bonfire, a walk on the beach, a cocoa.. 🙂


  5. I live in a small-ish community too just down the road – Monterey! Small world, eh? LOVE that you saw a movie at the beach. We were there when the band White Shark (I think that's it?) was there a couple weeks back, then again the next Monday… reminded me not to go during tourist season, lol.


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