i’m baacck from camp! ps: pictures.

instagram by moi (caseymas), nice quality photos by this lady.
Did ya miss me? You are probably enjoying your July to the fullest, so if you didn’t,
I won’t take it personally (cue obsessively emphatic wink).
We had such an awesome time at camp last week at Old Oak Ranch!
reasons why camp was really great…
1. so much quality time
2. pink + purple sunglasses
3. awesome worship with 500 other youths
4. teachings galore (hubs did a most wonderful job!)
5. sunshine, people! (and 90-degree weather!)
6. laughs
7. road trips with In-N-Out (score)
8. a lot of swimming (double score)
9. a horse fly bite (ohmagosh ow! let me just say: i had nooo idea)
10. more laughing
i’m pretty sure we have the greatest youth group since ever. it’s so amazing to be with other people worshipping, sharing testimonies and believing Jesus together for good things in our lives. so encouraged. built up. and fell in love with our youth group even more!
we love you guys so much!

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