Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday, beautiful people. This weekend, we’ll be busily preparing for our youth camp early Monday morning. That means snacks, water, sunscreen, and lots of clothes that can dirty,
…silly dirty. 
I will oh so thankfully not have to stay behind this go-round (i usually do!), so I will be zooming around and taking the opportunity to have a sweet date with James. I will be a bit m.i.a. this next week, but might get to check out what’s happening with you in our down time 🙂
What are you up to this weekend?
And some things to check out!
+upcoming fall trends from shopbopso cute, they are!
+21 photos that will restore your faith in Humanity
+when dogs get married..i think birthday parties are one thing- but marriage??
+french fries and olympics
+a slice of this color-filled wedding cake
+French tree house B&B with rooms named after the Jungle book!
+sammies with personalilty
Lovely VW bug photo found here.

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