a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. -phyllis diller
happys and joys around our house this week:
italian sparkling water in abundance (more bubbles!)
plopping my feetsies on james while we lounge + wonderful foot rubs
stacks of my favorite books
finding beautiful framed photographs for free
a nice layer of fog after a very warm day
oversized bean bags
frozen mango chunks
film documentaries with james
preparing for youth camp (woot!)
spinach in our smoothies
what’s making you smile this week?

6 thoughts on “Happy

  1. mmmm spinach in smoothies. so good!! (who woulda thunk, though, you know?)

    my hubby, the spontaneous baseball game we went to yesterday on our way home from sf, jesus calling (read it every morning- what a great way to start the day!), and my homemade vanilla latte are all making me smile right now



  2. You're so cute– I am just loving your complete genuiness and silliness! So fun. That's what makes your blog so unique and of it's own, and makes readers come back for more and more. I took a took long hiatus away from your blog and feel so out of the loop! Catch up time. 🙂 xoxo


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