Sunset State Beach, Birthday

on sunday, this curly-haired, you-better-earn-my-photo-smile, giants loving little man named jasper turned seven! he even gave me a half-smile (above right), which still seems a bit pensive, but i’ll take it! it should firstly be mentioned that i walked at least a mile (above left) to get to the picnicking area, which the state park attendant assured me was simple walk. ha. ha. and no doubt with a large grocery bag of glass bottled pellegrino, and my purse, and jasper’s present, and no james! i have a blister to prove it! but, to be sure, it was well worth it.kathy (jasper’s mama) and val (jasper’s nan) looking a a little twinsy, cute!


another half-smile, jasper..thanks, dude 🙂
aunt mary and my smiling mama (with swimsuit peeking out just a bit because as always, she is constantly prepared for an ocean/pool swim, just like me!)
kathy made the most wonderful chocolate-frosted cupcakes. the frosting was more like ganache or a mousse- and kathy said she used a pound of chocolate in the frosting alone (my kinda lady). i had two. obviously. they were a big commotion. again..obviously 😉
happy birthday, jasper, you not-so-little man!! 
i’ll always remember your seventh birthday with lots of chocolate, power rangers, a blister here or there, holes to china and a lot of smiles 🙂 love, cousin casey

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