Cafe Cruz

On Saturday we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Cafe Cruz just outside the garden. This is one of our favorite places to dine together. This sort of ended up like a husband photo-shoot but he so kindly complied! I had the prawns, he had the salmon, and I about devoured a grilled artichoke; especially so after we looked up the “gi” of an artichoke (glycemic index..a big part of our “french diet”). James said it was about the best thing I could eat, good thing as I was pretty much hogging it!
after we headed to the nick downtown to see “safety not guaranteed”..loved it! it’s one- about time travel (i’m already hooked) and two- a really sweet story about “fitting in” …we recommend it! although we had the teensy theater..really teensy, see?
that’s the width of it!
but we had popcorn and husband gave me my own little one to add my nooch, so the teensy theater part was minimized! although i love seeing a film in a big city theater, i guess it’s pretty special to nearly have the place all to yourself 🙂 by the way, do you know nooch?
it’s quite delicious, and entirely hippie, and i love it.
and i love you james, you are always quite the charming date!

4 thoughts on “Cafe Cruz

  1. You guys are just too cute : ) Sounds like such a great date night! You guys know how to have fun! I'm interested in that movie now, too…always looking for a good one!


  2. Don't even get me started on if I'm familiar with nooch or not…. Someone who carries around said 16 oz. jar of yellow powdery fish food with them everywhere they go is quite familiar with nooch, if I say so myself :). I seriously don't know what I'd do without nooch in my life (yes, it's getting serious!): I pour it on literally EVERYTHING you can imagine and more. Yes, even on my oatmeal :). Good to know other people share the fond love of nooch, and it's not a foreign “fish food”!

    You two are so cute– love hearing about your date nights! So fun. 🙂


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