Travel dreams

hello! as my cinnamon mocha this morning piped through my veins a little too ambitiously (thank you pacific coffee roasters!), i’m still a bit wound up to say the least. and our current way of eating (french diet, people!) makes it so that a little caffeine in the morning is a little too much for the likes of me..
in other news, do sun-spots and zits travel in pairs, cause i’ve got tweedle dee and tweedle dum around for the last couple o’ days (stinkers) and i’m thinking it’s too much sun and stress- which, if true, how does that even happen? that’s just not right…right?
anywhooty- what are you up to this weekend?
this weekend, we’re giving our little place a facelift. poor home has been overdue, and we hope to be able to find some of our clothes again
(mainly, one measly little lost shoe).
and i’ve been feeling the urge to read a bit more. so i might dive into my lonely arsenal of all my half-read books from my last quarter of college (here’s looking at you, trilby)..yee!
i also have dreams of planning our extravagant fall trip, which, depending on where our lives are at, can be insanely extravagant, or more simple-y extravagant 😉 either way, it’s the tops because we get to be together and explore and giggle and drink roy rogers! I like roy rogers way more than james though…way more meaning- he doesn’t actually like them at all.
i’ve been looking at railway trips through the national parks! doesn’t it sound quite romantic (and just plain american!) to travel on a steamtrain through the purple mountains majesty and wear long dresses and dine on some cherry pie? mmm. cherry pie.
where are you itchin to travel to? hope your weekend is full and happy 🙂

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