‘The Intouchables’

There’s not a whole lot in this little town that screams VIP, but tonight we’ll pretend we’re the most VIP it gets, when we see the pre-screening (read: FOUR days before the general public!) of this sweet French film The Intouchables at our favorite theater The Nickelodeon (not the gak one). Have you heard about it? We’ll have to let you know what it’s like, once we put on our fancy shoes..and then get in line with everybody else!

Here’s a little snippet (NYTimes)..

“The pallid aristocrat, Philippe (François Cluzet), is paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a hang-gliding accident and lives in a state of opulent ennui”…”his newest employee, a streetwise hoodlum named Driss (Omar Sy) does not look as though he will last long in the job. Not that Driss has much ambition to play nurse for some grouchy old invalid; he applies for the position only so he can continue to collect government benefits.”

“Moving into Philippe’s mansion, Driss steps away from a background of poverty, family dysfunction and trouble with the police. Under his boss’s stern gaze and imperious tutelage he starts to acquire a work ethic and a sense of discipline. In exchange, he helps Philippe discover his appetite for life and his capacity for joy.”

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