take me out to the (soft)ball game!

Our Sunday afternoon was full of softball, hot dogs and a inning-ending catch, but more on that later! Our church is doing something in the month of July that gives different people from our congregation a chance to lead a service. We were able to lead the first one (whew!) but there are many other couples leading them, with many different reflections of our church family. Yesterday’s service was so relaxed (with a rockstar teaching!) and we headed down to our lower fields to play softball after. SO fun! 
Onto the catch.. 
I was on second base, folks and out of nowhere, a friend of ours smacks one straight down the middle. Our pitcher quickly ducks and before I know it, slap! I open my eyes to my glove right in front of my face; the slap was the sound of my glove catching the ball (and thus, saving my face from years of potential plastic surgery, amen hallelujah.)! As I flipped the glove around to find the ball inside the glove, I was absolutely shocked, and I think everybody else was, too. With a crowd roaring, but let’s be honest- mostly relieved, I high-fived everybody and tried not to trip on the gopher holes back to our “dugout”.. 
 All that to say, I have always been a basketball gal… 
and I think it’s most likely going to stay that way 🙂
How do you like to spend your Sunday afternoons?

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