Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was spent at our oh so happy place berry farm (swanton berry farm) and with lots of friends! we love going to swanton for playing games, eating lots of berries, photoshoos out in the sunflower grove and purely away from all the hubbub. it is a little oasis for us!
we also enjoyed Sweet treats, an authentic Mexican FEAST, playing Mexican train (or Dominoes), and watching movies. Did I mention we slept in? It was heavenly. The thick fog sat over our little town all day, thus making pool time a bit too chilly for our liking, but gave the whole day a little romantic mist as we fell asleep to the sounds of snap, crackles and pops all around our neighborhood.
Berry cider, how I love thee!
Little Micah and his eyebrows..
Hope your Independence Day was grand- what were you up to?

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