World’s littlest parade

Ever since I could remember, our Fourth of July consisted of breakfast at a local diner (Cats Incredible, which, sadly is no longer around) and a walk down to find our place on the side of Soquel Drive in Aptos- and for what, you may ask?

Well, the World’s Shortest Parade! This sweet and short hometown parade has been around since 1961, when a group of concerned citizens (all ladies) rose up in hopes of protecting their community from the proposed cement-plant square in the middle of their, what is still called, village and… succeeded! To celebrate, they proposed to throw a parade on July 4, which attracts visitors from all around. 

The parade is exceptionally fun because typically, you’ll see about fifteen people you know in the parade, and many more in the crowd. It reminds us that our county is a little bit more homey than we all imagine.

me + a friend circa 1991 🙂

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