Happy weekend!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope this weekend is full of glitz, glam and sparkles..or just a nice portion of fun. We’ve got a full weekend ahead, but on of the more exciting parts is that we get to lead the Saturday evening service for our congregation. For us, church means relationships, food, and Jesus, so naturally, that’s pretty much what it will be. We also get to share as a couple, and I am especially nervous/excited for this.

Hope yours is grand! What will you be up to?? 

And here are some fun links I’ve been perusing!
+Food people
+What inspires creative people
+Five ways to find inspiration
+Mosquito-repelling Potagerie
+Pre-workout snacking
+Flavored ice-cubes

Photo courtesy of Watter’s, find this sweet little dress here.

2 thoughts on “Happy weekend!

  1. i've been seeing that image floating around the blogosphere. so beautiful!
    and it sounds like your weekend will be filled with all the most important things. i'm sure you will have so much fun! hopefully we can have a fun date night this weekend. definitely in need 🙂
    xo TJ


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