Summer list

Do you ever feel the need to publicly hold yourself accountable to some goals you have? I don’t necessarily throw myself at the opportunity, but I’m going for it! I’ve had some things I’ve really wanted to achieve and this summer feels like it’s the right time. And, some of them are more time-sensitive (like this one!). So here’s me jumping off a ledge and making a summer bucket list!
My 2012 Summer Bucket List:
1. Pay off our debt!
2. Practice Piano
3. Collectively lose 30 pounds
4. Complete our living room projects
5. Complete our bedroom projects, heh
6. Go see a movie in Dolores Park
7. Plan our NYC trip for fall (didn’t happen, womp womp!)
8. Write at least 15 pages of fiction
9. Write a hand-written letter to TEN friends and actually send them
10. Go no-sugar for a whole month
11. See Contemporary Painting exhibit at SFMOMA

12. Take James to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf..

Do you have any plans/goals/hopes for your summer? Tell me what they are! Or link me to your personal bucket list 🙂

Photo from the National Geographic photography newsletter.

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