Happy weekend!

Why, hello weekend! Looking forward to kicking off our weekend with our Swiss cousin and her friend tonight as we enjoy the oh-so-lovely delicacy of good ol American pizza. For this, I am happy.
We’ll also be working at our Vacation Bible School prep party in the morning- the next week will be one crazy week as nearly a thousand volunteers and VBS kids fill our 13-acre church campus {also meaning: our home!}.
It’s always a blast, always sweaty, and most especially, always an impact-filled week for the little ones that come along, while at the same time meaningful for all the adults who get to serve them. What are YOU up to this weekend?
some links for fun:
+the whimsiest wedding ever! looking for inspiration? love it. +needing a haven in paris this summer? +have you heard about this lil Shanghai shop called sheinside? i have a growing wishlist. +DIY weekend? I would love to try this stenciled rug! +an intriguing Finnish quarterly all about Helsinki…the photography alone sucked me in!
I searched for an image source for this  Lombard Street photo in SF. Even using TinyEye, this was the best I did!

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