Marianne’s ice cream

It’s called Marianne’s. AND IT’S way GOOD. So we go there for which we cheer for our ice cream scooper, take pictures in a big mob as we wait in a line outside, and make silly faces…Marianne’s is a sentimental place for lots of visitors to Santa Cruz. I don’t have any great memories aside from going to get some yummy ice cream every now and then, but it’s usually a fun, busy lil storefront.
If you go, try the Mexican Chocolate {my personal fave}, 10-20, 50-50, Makapu {baby coconut}. Stay away from no-sugar flavors, they actually don’t add ANY sugar, and unless you’re the opposite of me, you would agree that is way gross..yuck!
Marianne’s is located at 1020 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz.

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