Wishing you a hot one!

happy weekend!
…here are some things i’m loving this sunny friday:
+some eye candy for the love of pie & kinfolk magazine
+and really..this photographer
+some tips for mastering the art of getting lost in Paris…honestly, let’s get lost already why don’t we!
+Shakespeare’s first theatre discovered by archaeologists in London!
+instagram magnets. need more be said? check it out here!
+this yummy no-knead artisan bread, scrum-diddily-umptious
+This made me laugh! Michael jackson’s mini-me, awesome!
+and some dino head fashion. because why the heck not.
AND I’veee got a date this weekend with a DIY project list which includes:
+coral paint party of one: lamps, side tables, storage crates, & a grandma quilt holder
+glossing the shelves of our in progress bookshelves. this is what we’re making!
+dip-dyeing our huge curtains
+cleaning..is that considered a DIY project?
What are you up to??
beautiful artwork by Rebecca Rebouche {found on her twitter}.
sailboat found in parking lot at work 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wishing you a hot one!

  1. Just found your blog dear from blog hopping and you are absolutely adorable. Sounds like you had a great Friday (: I would absolutely love if you entered my current giveaway for £50 to Motel Rocks (;



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