to be frank, life is just a bit messy right now. Work. Life. Fam. Blah. Mess-ville! Things seem to just be running over everywhere, all over each other. And suddenly, here I am, face to face with my Starbucks barista, who’s currently under the impression that they made me cry. No, Tom. No, Nancy. It’s not you. Nor my triple shot latte. It’s the mess. And apparently it’s just hit me. Oh yeah, I’m hormonal..byeeeee.
In the middle of today, after breaking down at the lumber yard {picture: awkward lumbermen thinking i didn’t like the way they cut my shelves or that I was upset about the i love the fir, even smells nice.}, James called and prayed for me. For peace, for less hormones {just kidding} and for some more peace. I think I’m still in the middle of this but it’s just kinda nice to tell you about it for some reason {you’re a good listener.}
I think after this crazy weekend, I’ll sit down for a second, count our blessings, whine it all out {you know..wiiineee it all out. just joshin, say no to wine-coping-therapy, never quite works} and then eat some chocolate {a little more successful}. Or some pancakes. Ooh- or a dutch baby..I’ve been pinning those for awhile. And then plan a vacation. Or a blate. Yeah, that will help.
Okay xoxooxxo!

2 thoughts on “messy

  1. Oh my gosh… your poor post. I hope everything is okay and not too messy. Your writing made me smile tonight, so that should make you feel better! =)


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