Graduation notes

We have been graduation crashing, grad party hopping {the ones parents throw- which obviously, are the best, yah parents!}, and celebrating our large number of youth who get to add “high school graduate” to their list of accomplishments as of this year! We’re so proud of the youth in our youth group and have had so much fun bringing blow horns and obnoxious signs to the many Santa Cruz county graduations {we’re become widely recognized}.
We’ve heard some great speeches, some long speeches, and I believe the bagpipes have taken the cake so far; but the look on your face, graduates, and the look on your parent’s face {relief, joy, proud, happy, maybe no, just reverent? okay maybe a little scared} is just the best!
Great work, dear youth friends- we’re so proud of you!
And for a little good measure…
“You’re about to enter into a world filled with hypocrisy and doublespeak, a world in which your limo to the airport is often a half-hour late. In addition to not even being a limo at all; often times it’s a Lincoln Towncar. You’re about to enter a world where you ask your new assistant, Jamie, to bring you a tall, non-fat latte. And he comes back with a short soy cappuccino. Guess what, Jamie? You’re fired. Not too hard to get right, my friend…
“I’m sorry, graduates. But this is a world where you aren’t allowed to use your cell phone in airplanes, during live theater, at the movies, at funerals, or even during your own elective surgery. Apparently, the Berlin Wall went back up because we now live in Russia…
“One of you, specifically John Lee, will spend most of your time just hanging out in your car eating nachos. You will all come back from time to time to this beautiful campus for reunions, and ask the question, ‘Does anyone ever know what happened to John Lee?’ At that point, he will invariably pop out from the bushes and yell, ‘Nachos anyone?!’”

3 thoughts on “Graduation notes

  1. Hi! Just found your blog for the first time today! Sounds like it's been a fun season for you – love this happy time of year. Although we live on the east coast, we have family who lives in Santa Cruz. Small world! Hope your weekend is the best.~


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