ten things in our first year {the neesby lookbook}

So in honor of me and the hubs ONE YEAR anniversary, I’d love to kick off our little feature with Nicole from the lovely, sophisticated, heart-felt, faith-filled {the Neesby Lookbook}! They’re beautiful people, obviously {see below}, but I so love how Nicole shares her life and heart. She is SO easy to relate to and you instantly feel like you’re reading your best friend’s blog. So, if you haven’t already, check her out {do it right now!}! And then come back and get all inspired by her wonderful top ten.
It was a gorgeous summer day with a dark cloud threatening to rain down on our extensive outdoor reception. The white table cloths were spread over the tables for 300 guests. The sparkly chandeliers were hanging from the trees. The 500 yellow frosted sugar cookies were waiting to be eaten. And somehow in His grace, God held back the clouds and gave us the most glorious wedding party ever. 
As we drove away in an ancient VW bug, after the shower of sparklers, I had no idea what an incredible impact this day would have on my life.  Our first year of marriage was full of adventures as we bought a 120 year old house, took road trips across the US, and most importantly began the life long lesson of loving and serving each other…So here’s my list of 10 reasons why we are still married!
1. Keep Jesus the center of your relationship. No matter how cliche it sounds, it truly makes a world of difference.
2. Always fight naked. The end.
3. Choose to greet your Husband with a kiss and encouraging words after the work day as it sets a great tone for the rest of the night.
4. Make a habit of praying through hard times, tough decisions and big changes. It will bind your hearts together in a deeper way than anything else. It also helps refocus your attention in the right place.
5. Even when you want to walk away in anger, remember it will never make your marriage stronger.  Sometimes you need to take a breather and come back to the conversation again. But walking away in frustration will only fester the wounds and make complete restoration harder.
6. Dishes and laundry are not the most important thing in life. Sometimes just cuddling in bed, hanging out or watching your favorite show can do wonders for connecting after a hard day.
7. Always always fight for communication. The lack thereof is often the source of many fights.
8. Figure out your spouse’s love language and learn to speak it well.
9. Disagreements can makes you stronger. But only when love that is the driving force to resolve the conflict.
10. Dating is still important even after you stop calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Do you know that no matter where you are in your relationship, there is still a desire to be pursued?! Set up a date night. Then go date your spouse! Happy loving, friends! 
Thank you for sharing, Nicole! Check out her blog here!

2 thoughts on “ten things in our first year {the neesby lookbook}

  1. I absolutely love this! They look like such a sweet couple, so excited to check out Nicole's blog! These are great. So true about Jesus first, still dating, don't walk away angry, communication – but I still think #2 is my fave ; )


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