A year ago yesterday, James and I got married at three o’clock in the afternoon in our little church in my hometown in coastal northern California. The marriage part was our favorite.
I have never been overwhelmed with so much love as I can remember on our wedding day. All of the people that made sacrifices to be there with us. All of the family and loved ones who accomplished odd jobs and requests to make the day run smooth. It was overwhelming to be given so much in every way imaginable!! The joy of our ceremony, the victory of making it to that point, the memories of all our chats and figuring each-other out, all our stuff, all the fun, all the searching for God’s ways cumulated in a moment for us. And boy was it soo satisfying.
This sounds so weird but we felt that covenant get sealed up, we experienced God making us one. It was so much more than a ceremony, it was a big ol launching point for us. This year has been full of lots of trials, triumphs, learning, laughter, and let’s be honest here- lots of Ben & Jerry’s binges. I couldn’t imagine how many things we’d have learned after one little year, but best friend- I take joy in all that we get to look forward to, and to all that’s coming our way!
And FYI! This week, I will share the ten things I’ve learned in our first year of marriage! And I have some other awesome ladies who are going to join in on the fun..So stay tuned!!

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