{the day my princess dreams came true}



So although it’s after-the-fact..like weeks after, I’m still eager to share some moments from our trip. This…castle..well, this is where we spent the last five days of our time in Switzerland…the village of Mariestein, in Rotburg castle. Or as we so like to refer to it…our castle!

This was an absolutely beautiful place..a cow and pig farm sat below the property and after climbing up a huge, long set of stairs, a path that wraps around the tower opens to the entrance of the castle. We had round table meetings in the great room beside the massive fireplace, complete with knight’s armors. We dined on fine plates on beautiful wood tables with delicious cheeses, breads, jam, salami and pastas. In our wellies, we wandered the grounds and weaved our way through small forests and beside grassy knolls. Oh. And did I mention a pastry chef was our dessert-captain all weekend?? Yeah. Absolutely a dream…

Here’s some more history about Rotburg castle which was originally erected by Emperor Valentinian I in order to protect himself from Germanic tribes. And, fun fact- the castle across the valley was overtaken by wild. monkeys. Yes, seriously. They had to be shot down. Intense, right?? Oh the life of the noble class..

Certainly my highlight of this trip, there’s just something about being in this sort of environment with lots of people, on your own little mountain in a far-off land, that brings you together. This was also where I seriously began to miss James, oh boy did I want the married couples to lay off the hand-holds towards then end so naturally I had to refrain from my random shout-outs: “gross!”…”get a room”, etc.)

Apart from that, we just really could build deep relationships during our time here. Really get to know people, what they’re all about, who they are, what God is doing for them. It was powerful. This church, this awesome group of people, all their “stuff” and all of ours, could come together and be on the same page and hear God in a similar way. Juicy delicious awesomeness.


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