can’t we all just stay home today?

You know when moving just. doesn’t. end?? And it feels like it goes on forever?? Yes, well, welcome to the last week! I love blogging and getting my thoughts out, but all of my thoughts over this last week are kinda thrown all over our new flat’s walls, furniture, and some of them shared with my husband, cause that’s really all there’s been time for. Does that even make sense?? Maybe…

Luckily we found a surefire cure for this blah in-between-being-moved-in phase. I like to call it fort-life. Fort-life equals living room forts on our shaggy rug that we spent $350 on because we couldn’t afford anything else at Crate and Barrel with our gift card which is all to say that it’s really soft, with lots of blankets. And then we add popcorn and sparkling waters, and some of our Italian soda syrup and it becomes better. And then I eat some Swiss chocolate cause I can. So that’s what we’ve done for the last two nights, among many other make you busy life things, but fort-life has been my favorite.

And thus, that is what I’d like to do today…cozy up in our little living room fort and watch movies with James. But I can’t. So I propose we all take a day off, a happy, joyful, jolly day. Yes a Jollyday is what I’ll call it.
PS Yesterday I had Yogurtland for dinner. Okay I got that off my chest.

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