Cinque Pi (Italian pasta dish)

This is one of my favorite dishes that I ate experienced in Switzerland, and oh boy it is so delicious {and simple}! It is called “cinque pi” which basically mean five ingredients and is pronounced “chin-queh-pay” or something like that, heh. It was so simple and we made it for sixty people with about an hour of time. YES. That is easy.
Here is the basic recipe {or rezept} we used, and in our American measurements..
Cinque Pi//
+2 cups cream
+4 generous tablespoons of tomato paste
+1 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
+freshly ground salt and pepper to taste
+5 cups al dente pasta {we used an Italian macaroni but you can use anything!}
Okay, that’s it! Put the first four ingredients into the pot on medium heat until it’s a light red color, add extra ingredients as desired. Cook your pasta separately. Serve pasta on plate and pour sauce over. Generously add more parmigiana and enjoy!!
Thank you to the very Swiss-Italian family who taught me this recipe last week!!

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