return to the motherland (that’s fun to say!)

Guys, this is my first time to Switzerland since I was three! I look different, no? The above picture is actually in Paris in front of the Picasso museum, and the second picture is in Bern, at a wedding in the mountains, and it was one big party (I think). So first off, I’m excited to remember most of the trip. My only mostly-true recollection of the first was a “cuckoo” game (which is like peek-a-boo for the Swiss)…and yes, that’s pretty much it!

On this trip, the team and I will serve the Foursquare church in Basel and focus on connecting with them! It’s a fun purpose, right? Connecting with people?? It’s not how I used to envision “mission trips” but I’m so happy this is our goal, because one, I like to make friends and two, there’s so much we can learn from one another!

And I just know God is going to intertwine each person on our team with the people we meet. I can’t wait to see how God uses one another’s life stories and experiences to encourage, relate us, bring hope to each other. You know, with the backdrop of a castle and cobblestone streets!

Oh yes and the cheese and chocolate. We’re all pretty excited for cheese and chocolate. While it’s not the purpose of us going, it actually is. Wait, never mind. But we are a cheese/chocolate-lovin team. Thus, we hope, dream and somewhat assume much will be consumed. 24 hours left to go!

6 thoughts on “return to the motherland (that’s fun to say!)

  1. You might be the prettiest baby I've ever seen! Also, I'm so excited about your missions trip. You are the best at connecting with people so I know you'll have numerous “success” stories to share. Love you chick! Phil and I will be praying for you!


  2. Soooo very adorable! : ) Love your childhood pics from Switzerland – looking forward to some more recent ones! Yum, enjoy the cheese and chocolate – two of my fave things – but not together.



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