A very wonderful date

James and I took a little break to have a wonderful date this weekend. Even in the midst of busy lives, hubs is so good at making time for “us”. I have to admit, I’m not as good as him at this..

So when he suggests that we, we who are in our “cozies”, walk down to paradise beach grille, I am reluctant. But persuasive man that he is, we went!

They sat us in the back near the fire and we enjoyed one of my most favorite nights out I can remember. Ocean roaring off the deck, fire roaring, and in my most comfy sweats. Oh yes and did I mention I had the most delicious calamari. And a Roy Rogers. I don’t believe I’ve had one of those since ’94.

Oh yes, and that dessert was a fried cheesecake cookie with ice cream, caramel and bananas. As we consumed our 12857382 calories, we talked and giggled and gushed with each other. Hubby, you win. I love you and your sweats-in-nice-restaurant ways …

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