In the middle of a bunch of things

Happy Friday, people! This has been a crazy week of packing, cleaning and other things, and I’m so happy that tomorrow’s Saturday 🙂 I think I get to sleep in at LEAST a half an hour and that’s seriously a lot right now. AND to top it off, James would like to go see the Hunger Games, which I haven’t read, and haven’t listened to {which is the only form I own the trilogy in, I need a good long road trip} so we’ll cheat and see the movie! I think we’re a little wild, given that there’s probably going to be 4059123 other people there, but we’ll have popcorn, and each other, the end.
And whew baby has moving been a doozie! We’ve been prepping to move into an apartment, while waiting for that  couple to move into their new apartment, while that couple waits for our pastors to move into their brand new home that’s still being beautified.

Oh yeah, and both parties just mentioned?…they just had babies. Like newborns, amazing lil hands and coo-ing and the whole lot. wow! All that to say it’s been touch and go, but all we know is we need to leave by the end of next week.

I’ve definitely been experiencing the joy/scaredy-cat-ess/what-the-heck-ohmygosh-ness of faith right now.
We’ve had to believe and trust God that He knew/knows how many elements had to fit together to make all these moves possible. And really believe that He’d make room for us, physically make sure we have somewhere to move into and sleep! And it’s going to work. I’ve had some many days where I felt “what the HECK were we thinking giving our 30 days notice when we did” or “how could we have possibly thought that it would work to move right before I leave for switzerland” but God has fit it all together, and totally will make it work. And oh man did we need Him to help us out!
So we’re shufflin our buns to get everything packed, suitcases, boxes and our lil hearts and move where God has invited us.

Yes, so much to figure out, but feeling very covered by the hubs, and by Him!

Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

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