Life lessons for the week

+To give people the benefit of the doubt…like when person A decides that yelling at you because they are upset. And they are lame. really lame. And then you want to punch said person in face but don’t because they are in New York and you are in California. Then you remember that you want to be kind and love people and that thinking about punching person A and trying to bite their head off with eloquently mean language is not an option. Maybe the spilled coffee on their flip-flop this morning. Who really knows.

+That somedays, brushing your hair doesn’t really help.. #nappy
+Not having to go home and change shoe with hole (like big hole, ie: big toe sticking out of what used to be a dainty little lace peep hole) is not super cute and especially when you see 1208429 more people that day that you don’t usually see and everybody notices. I’m a trendsetter. bam.
+Starbucks breakfast sandwiches in a pinch are tooooo die for (proverbially speaking)!
+Give hubby lots of kisses and be nice. Because nobody likes a boo-hoo stinky pants attitude. Except sometimes. No, actually no. It’s really not fun for anybody. {sorry for that last night, babers muah!}
+Don’t write husby notes through blog because he doesn’t really read it as often as I think. #busyhusby

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