Grandma Ella

Today is President’s day, but it’s also the day I can’t help but think of my grandma Ella’s birthday (which is the 22 & always close). For some reason, when I think of president’s day, all I can think of is my grandma..funny how our little kid minds make associations like that 🙂 and to honor my lovely grandma Ella, I wanted to post some of the things she taught me..she was purty sassy, so obviously, some of these will be heartfelt, and some sassy!

important things I remember from my grandmother Ella
+just don’t give a dang about what others think!
+no matter the circumstances, always have a beautiful fur coat with a cute broach
+never give up no matter what society’s standards are; set your own.
+invest love in your family and it will blossom for years
+enjoy the little things {like butterscotch candies}
+create, create, create in whatever way you can: 
{sew, embroider, knit, cook, design, engineer, act, play, sing} 
+be faithful to your kids, and even if they go against your wishes, don’t cut them off 
{my mom bette, 1969, cross country road trip, grandma says no, bette says yes, 
grandma says no, bette packs up the car, grandma says no, bette is a teenager, 
grandma bakes cookies for bette}
+remember the important things and give them away as much as possible {psalm 23}

love you grandma and thank you for everything you have given to our family; we love you 

4 thoughts on “Grandma Ella

  1. Love this, especially because it reminds me of my late grandma as well. Always creative, always said what's on her mind (once when they were getting bad service at a restaurant, she walked into the kitchen, rolled up her sleeves, and said, “You guys need some help back here, or what?”) : ) Thanks for sharing!



  2. Aw, this makes me miss my grandma! My grandma always taught me to never worry about what others are thinking, something I still struggle with but know it's true, and she was always my biggest supporter. 🙂


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