A few letters today

+dear eyebrows, can you please stop being so unruly. I will cut you. no seriously…I will.
+dear gym, can you just be in my living room…with cable? and frozen grapes.
+dear honey, can we vacation in the maldives…today? i’ll settle for making a fort in the living room and watching fool’s gold {yes, i am that lame and yes, i do own that movie} and yes, james is ashay-med of it. {cone of shame}
+dear month of february, stop stinking going so quickly! {dear 1/2 birthday, you’re ok, though}
+dearest camelbak, you are my secret lovah. and by that i mean i like your watery ways.
+dearest oreos that somebody brought over that i haven’t touched yet because i’m practicing discipline, you better hide before i get home. i’m not kidding. you’re causing naughty food thoughts in my brain.
+dear laundry pile, get the {HECK} outta my face!!
+dear me, I believe it’s time for a nap.

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