put a bird on it

Finally got some nails and stuck things into my walls over the weekend. And yes, this is about nine months after us moving in, and yes, it’s about TWO months {less actually..} before we move out! But heck if I can’t cross this task off my list and make it feel more put together in here for our last little bit! Wifey, one. Task list, a gazillion million.
Oh yes, and hubbers. Thank you for letting me put a bird on it. I know you’re not particularly a fan of putting a bird on it. And unfortunately, I don’t have any fox art {as foxes are the new birds, ya know} so that’s just another reason why I wove you.

8 thoughts on “put a bird on it

  1. Nine months, Lol. It happens. That's why I painted stripes on my wall before we even unpacked. MY hubby (also James) did not want me to do it until after we unpacked but I knew if I didn't do it immediately than I NEVER would!


  2. haha, “put a bird on it”. Did you see that episode of Portlandia? Love that show.

    Are foxes really the new bird?? Gosh darn. I think I am always at least 3 years behind the times… 🙂


  3. LOVE that show, also 🙂 Portland soo reminds me of Santa Cruz like you wouldn't even believe! My {guess} is that foxes are the new birds…but time will tell. Though, I've been telling people to mark my words a lot lately, heh 🙂


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