superbowl xvli

Our Superbowl was very eventful! As James is a certified sports junkie, and mostly incredibly knowledgable about all sports, people essentially employ him to be the brains of the game. Or at least that’s what I think about it. He, himself is an event. He just makes sports so dang interesting and fun. If you don’t associate sports with either of those words, just give us a shout out. We’ll come invade your life with sports trivia, facts and backstories until ESPN becomes your new PopSugar. All applicants accepted.
my superbowl xvli highlights:
+Julia (the little one in the cute red dress) chitter-chattering with me during the game. She was “pie-ing” which means playing in her lil Swiss-English language
+Queso. Because I’m classy like that.
+Madonna. Which was also a low-light. People, I don’t want see Madonna {Madonna!!} sitting on that hairy guy’s shoulders, and almost falling off the bleachers. And throwing around pom-poms for a good five minutes {i mean really that lasted way too long}. Maybe that’s what makes it all so amazing??
+”Like a Prayer” was worth it all.

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