to hansel

to Hansel (our pickup truck)…
you always have a special place in my heart because you drove me up and down this golden state so I could see my hubby and graduate and other good stuff like that. you have always been pretty loyal. 
but it is really annoying when we get new shocks and fix your tires, 
but you still jumble us around like we’re on Indiana Jones. 
and then hubby says that you only belong to me, because of how carsick you make him.
And I really don’t like having my lipcolor all over my cheek, 
and sometimes it’s nice to not have to hold my tea like it’s an erupting molten lava volcano 
about to spill all over my tights…sometimes. oh yeah. and I don’t like slamming the driver’s seat door hard just so it will close, so can you work on that too?
this isn’t a threat or anything, just more of our year in review…so step it up {love you}

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