This week

+finding out that we’ll be staying overnight in a castle for our trip in April #princessdreamsrealized
+oh yeah, and I have a feeling it will look like the above photo, but expectations open.
+how when in we’re in a meeting together, sometimes hubby starts giggling and staring at me all awkwardly. i used to not know what to do with you mister- but now it just makes me happy
+discovering falafel & hummus wraps
+learning to turn off my phone a little bit better {stupid scramble with friends, i love hate you}..I think my big indicator was James saying he’s going to destroy my phone…he makes me better
+drop-dead gorgeous sunsets every night, i look like a crazy person every day after work on the side of the road trying to catch my favorite picture
+lunch hangout w/ murdoch, our company pig, a wonderful comrade for soaking up some lunch rays
+surprise marianne’s {best ice cream ever} fifty-fifty ice cream date with hubby after a big long day yesterday
Happy weekend!! we’ll be busy dating each other, a little superbowling {would be better than watching it in my opinion #ninersdepression} scrubby-dubbing the house, and working out all kinds {we’ll see how that goes..}. Enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “This week

  1. I actually toured that castle (Neuschwanstein) in Germany. It's just as beautiful in person… Plus, Cinderella's castle at Disney World is inspired by it! Cool, huh?


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