Confessions of a celebrity’s wife

Sometimes James is like a celebrity…mostly with kids. See? They flock to him, ask for a hug, take a picture with their disposable digital camera or iTouch (yes, I’ve seen it people). He smiles, embraces, and acts like it’s no big deal, while so humble about it the whole time. Babe, you’d be a real good real celebrity; you’d make Tom Hardy look like a doofus. Although, we know that either of us could never think of Tom like that (we couple crush him).
If you or let’s be real people, your kids, want a signed picture, just let me know..

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a celebrity’s wife

  1. Oh my gosh I totally understand! It's amazing and makes me slightly jealous! When I come in the room in like, “Hey kids!” and they immediately say with big smiles on their faces, “Where's PHIL?!!??” What are we chopped liver? At least we are married to the celebs, maybe their famous ways will rub off on us. 😉


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