Happy list

+A surprise croissant from a co-worker from my favorite of all favorite bakery in town, the Buttery.

+Finding this missed connection in the local paper this week: “I slowed down and stop’d for you to cross the street. You had a small dog and it seemed you were with your bf, but when you were crossing you were giving me a weird look. Can you please explain? Email me back.” I’m guessing he had a big pimple. I mean really, man.
+Speaking of pimples, one of James facebook statuses this week divulged in the lifeline of the pimple. Yeah…we don’t really have comfortable politically correct bubbles, we just squeeze you right into ours (excuse the visual)..
+People getting all excited over these this whole week; I always pretend on the phone at work that I know all about the swells, but it’s all a big farce because the only swell I’m watching is on my mac in the safety of my comfy chair (I sell surfboards).
+Finding out about the restaurant Farina in San Fran, really excited to venture up for a date night!!
+Our car door doesn’t close well, so we have to slam+lift at the same time to get it in there really good (by this I mean: not have high-pitched wind the whole drive). My hand got stuck while performing the slam+lift this week and my f21 gold bracelets (the “reel” kind of gold) saved my hand from utter disrepair. Fashion closing the gap for us one day at a time..
Happy weekend fabulous people!

9 thoughts on “Happy list

  1. Oh my goodness I want that croissant.

    I can't even visit Ruche's website anymore. It's too dangerous because I'd seriously wear everything they sell.


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