Small spaces

We love our lil two bedroom apartment in the village- it screamed james and casey when we were looking for places, except that random carpet stain (oh the joys of renting) which we had them wash…still didn’t come out, ew. Oh well, we covered it with this amazing rug and I’ve almost forgotten about it..almost.
But we were recently invited to pack up shop and move into a sweet lil flat associated with our church’s property. It’s a small-er space (a lil more updated!) but moving is so much more than how many beds+baths, isn’t it?? So we have been gearing up for nixing some of our bigger furniture, figuring out how to fit my five years of English lit into overhead storage (yeah…right..), and feeling like we’re at the start of a whole new part of our adventure and lives together.
Can’t wait to see what’s next, but soaking up our time in our lil place…our first place, firstit’s so weird to even think we’ve been married long enough to have a place after the first, but here we go! 
wall paper
designating pieces of small spaces to certain activities
getting creative with items (books)
bold colors…sassy!
storing upwards
looking on up!
Are you in a lil a-p-t? Or figuring out ways to make your massive place get bigger?
Check it yo!…
A collection of IKEA’s small space ideas (IKEA, you are crazy amazing.)
Ten tips on how to do small spaces
Need terrarium inspiration? Look no further!
Tips for hosting overnight guests in small spaces
Best of small space solutions
Storing above the door
All via apt therapy
Happy small-spacing!

3 thoughts on “Small spaces”

  1. Love the post! I live in the smallest apartment ever so this post was perfect for me! Thanks for doing all the hard work, now I don't have to figure it out on my own!

    I enjoy your blog, I'm a new follower 🙂



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