This last week

yay, the rain is finally going to grace us with it’s presence!
My dear friend Ronda getting engaged! shout out, lady! sorry, boys…this deal’s gettin sealed!
Sleeping in this morning until the last possible moment this morning, giggling and making silly voices like we’re five year olds. it was mostly delirium.
this video. boom.
James asking if I can look up how much nfc championship tickets would be, excitement ensues. and then letting me know we might have to sell somebody in order to pay EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS for each ticket. we agreed on our friend Kevin.
These “to resolve project” images for iphone! I already put the “step away” one by Riley Cran to encourage me to stop myself mindless iphoning, cause you know it happens…
Woot! We have a Mario Kart tournament tomorrow with the youth! Yes, James coaches me and yes. I’m very. very. good. I’d like to say I can make seventh grade boys cry. Except they are tears of joy over how amazing my skills are.
My project for the weekend is this amazing mug for all my cozy-ing up.

5 thoughts on “This last week

  1. Congrats to your friend on her engagement! Love that rainy pic, so pretty 🙂

    Also, I am pretttty dang good at Mario Kart… might be able to give you a challenge 😀


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