Happy list

these personalized tea bags from Martha are awesome- of course she is already ready for V-day…

-James calling me his “besty” over gchat, obvies- we’re super besties. I just don’t think I’ve ever heard him say it *quite* like that! And I’m thankful he’s way more than man enough to say it 🙂
-Yogurtland from my lovely friend Chealtz DURING the workday, talk about a confused and happy tummy! There was even a majestic sprinkle circus cookie right on top…she’s the best!
-Following Joan Rivers on twitter; it’s the simple things, people. FYI Beyonce tweets are purty much awesome.
-Hubby immediately praying for me when I woke up with a horrible night terror, just a plain ol awful yucky nightmare- boo! and a plain ol wonderful and caring hubby to the rescue!
-pretty much freaking out about Jason Wu and Target having a lovechild, a crazy amazing one! and there’s more to come. I heart you, a lot, Target.
-listening to lady gaga on blast at work and hearing a bunch of grown men co-workers singing [loud] in the background
-getting my silky shirt caught on something sharp (yes, of course right smack in the center of the chestal region) and with the cool, calm swag that I have, taking my hair out a braid so it can conveniently cover up the snag. only to realize I cruelly chopped it all last week and left those oh so helpful hairs alone in a dark trash can in the back of some salon. payback of the bitter three-inches is what I call that.
-forgetting to eat lunch before I wrote this, cause homegirl is starting to sound a lil crazy…

Happy Thursday!

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