A healthy binge

We have officially begun our healthy in 2012 plans! They commenced with a very healthy grocery trip, and a shameful late night moment of james and i wrestling as he hid the chocolate bar from me (man, where did you get your ridonculous dedication??). I mean, really. is that what we’ve come to? no matter, though. I had a splurge hot cocoa this week and i think we’re going to be ooookay!
I thought I’d share some of the places around the web that have given us some good ‘ol ideas for what to eat, what to work (that’s right gurrrl..) and what to…consider. and by this, of course, I’m referring to Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop cleanse. As if we’re not already really impressed, Gwyneth… Are you shaping up for the new year, too? Or are you sane and indulging in the chocolate-sprinkle pretzels in the breakroom and wearing high-rise jeans to suck it all in?…cause I totally condone that!

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