2011 in review

2011 was so incredible!!
in 2011…
+moved home to santa cruz and married an amazing husband
+began wearing my oh so gorgeous wedding rings
+ I graduated from University of California, Irvine
+with a degree in literature
+enjoyed our incredible wedding!!
+Hawaii came after! can we go back??
+we began pastoring the high schoolers at our church
+I got my first salaried job
+we moved into our first apartment in capitola village
+james went to switzerland
+learned a lot a lot a lot a lot about each other!
+yes i was very nice to let him go without me!
+ate quite a bit of ice cream
+practiced unselfishness 🙂
+had lots of dates and lots of berry jam
in 2011, we said goodbye to..
+living in southern california {sigh!}
+my lifeguarding and swim teaching job..best job ever!
+our rigorous workout routines, we are merely recreational work-outters now
+my lil church family in long beach
+the lakers winning a championship in 2011 😦
we can’t wait for…
+our anniversary!
+continually making my house prettier
+swimming more often
+lots of fun little dates

+lots of fun/meaningful time with our youth group!

welcome, 2012!

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