Christmas with the family

you’ll have to excuse me as lots of this pictures are from my favorite little guy Jasper, just some pictures of our family celebrating Christmas day 🙂 *and* my favorite moments from the cmas eve and day…
eleven oclock service at our church. so amazing to ring in christmas like that. but also so fun to shmooze with a hundred or so delirious and half asleep loved ones. that is certainly the best!
christmas eve chinese take out with family @ mama’s house…a tradition i hope never leaves!
waking up and opening presents with James…he got me the most amazing fur coat (will post) and other adorable clothes and accessories. WHY are you so amazing my hubbers! I got him an xbox- what what! i love our lil time on the couch just laughing and cozying and enjoying christmas morning. it was one of those never forget moments.
oh yeah, and my MAMA got me hunter boots 🙂 she’s soo good. too good. it’s scary how good she is.
all the cookies cousin jessica made for us. they were snacks yesterday and breakfast this morning. i wish i wasn’t serious, and then i don’t when i remember how good they were. ok AND she made a goat cheese, herb and greek yogurt dip that was delicioooso. cousin, you are oh so AMAZING.
star wars for the last 48 hours. yes, we have the week off. and no= we do NOT take it for granted!
OH. and my *non-highlight* was the cmas day laker game. UGH is all I have to say about that!

5 thoughts on “Christmas with the family

  1. Cute photos! It looks like you had a great holiday.

    I like your blog, too! Would you mind following mine?

    Simply follow me, and then comment on any of my posts to let me know that you’re following. After that, I’ll follow you back 100%.

    Thank you so much!


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